The fascination starts soon! ┬áThe one month period that is going to free me from my every day routine, gets my heart racing. I can already feel it: my heart is pumping faster, sweat is collecting on my forehead and my pinkie has been starting to twitch lately. It is the time of the year, where fans of opposing teams come together, drink a cool beer, use the (empty) mug to get a point across, and at the end of the day pat each other on the shoulder. It is the excitement of watching 20 very talented actors…….cough…… players constantly chase after the leather while 2 just sit back and watch the debacle that unfolds.
The end result is very obvious to me: Germany wins it all. But I might be just a tiny bit ┬ábias. Either way it ends, two things are clear as every 4 years. It’s gonna be awesome. And…the USA is gonna have a quick attendance, as always. However, I am pressed to say, they are looking strong this year. I would be delighted to see them advance to the knockout round.

May the best win